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Useful links for Shanghai, China (City of Shanghai service portal) (Nightlife and Dining) (Nightlife) (Newspaper in English) newspaper in English) (German community) (UK community) (French community) (Experience the history of Shanghai) (Data about Shanghai) (Theatre, Movie, Events)

Useful links for Beijing, China (Events, Locations, Directions) (Weather and general information about China) (Facts about Beijing and travel guide) (Travel tips, events, shopping etc.) (Beijing Guide) (Theatre, Movie, Events)

Useful links for Hangzhou, China

City of Hangzhou:

Hangzhou Living Poetry:

Hangzhou Tour:

Hangzhou English Portal:

Hangzhou Administration:

Useful links for Tianjin, China

City of Tianjin:

Exploring Tianjin:


Useful links to prepare for your trip – Currency Converter

Time zone and date calculator

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