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Can I attend the programme even I do not speak any Chinese?

Sure. CBL International programmes are English-speaking programmes, with lectures and cultural introductions given in English. As part of the programme, a Chinese beginner’s course will give an introduction into the Chinese language.

What level can I expect of the Chinese language instruction?

The language course will give a basic and general introduction.

Do I need a visa to travel to China?

Yes. As you will come to China for no longer than 30 days, we recommend you apply for a tourist visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate general. There are also agencies that provide visa service for additional charges, they are easy to google (“Visa China”).

How do I get to Shanghai?

It is very easy to get to Shanghai as all major airlines are flying here. Pudong International Airport is well connected to downtown Shanghai by taxi, bus, subway or the super-fast maglev train. You should prepare a print-out of any address you want to go in Chinese as taxi drivers often don’t speak English.

Who organizes CBL International Schools in China?

In China, CBL International Management Ltd., Hong Kong is organizing all current courses in cooperation with School of Economics and Management at Tongji University, Shanghai and Nankai University, Tianjin.

Since when are CBL International Schools running?

CBL International Schools take place since 2007. Since then, programmes have been organized in China, U.A.E, India and England. Already more than 2,000 delegates participated in our programmes and programmes have been running in China (Shanghai, Beijing & Tianjin), England (London, Oxford and Cambridge), U.A.E (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah), and India (Bangalore and Mumbai). We are organizing our programmes in China with Chinese Ivy League universities such as Tongji University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, etc. CBL International Schools provide a deep inside view into the cultural, business, and legal environment of the respective location.

Will there be mandatory examinations as part of CBL International Schools?

Yes, as part of all CBL International Schools there are mandatory examinations. Please refer to the schedule to find out more details about that. At each location the exam style is different.

Do I receive a certificate for the participation in CBL International Schools?

Yes, CBL International staff will hand out a participation certificate at the end of the programme. This presupposes that 90% of all lectures, activities, site visits, and any other compulsory events were in fact attended.

Additionally, a score sheet will be handed out showing the result(s) of the exam(s). This score sheet may be used for receiving credits at the home university.

Is previous knowledge necessary for taking part in CBL International Schools?

No, previous knowledge is not needed. It is possible that the contents of the different modules and lectures appear very wide ranging, but the lectures are designed to engage the participant who has no prior knowledge of the business or legal issue covered. Taking account of the diversity of students’ disciplinary backgrounds from the fields of Business, Law, Economics and also international, cultural or political studies, CBL International Schools are programmes that are designed to be informative for all attending delegates.

Who can participate in CBL International Schools?

CBL International Schools are programmes specifically designed for participants with a strong interest in international business and international law affairs. Undergraduate and graduate students up to age of 25 can take part, as well as students 26+ or postgraduate students and professionals. The latter will expect a different setup.

Are CBL International Schools international scientific conferences?

No. CBL International Schools are introductory courses, giving an overview of current-edge topics. Selected aspects will be covered in more detail. Nevertheless, if you are interested in one specific topic, you should think of attending an experts’ conference.

What is the workload of a CBL International School and how many credits can I get for it?

While CBL International does not award credits for its programs, it does recommend credits in accordance with each course’s contact hours and academic level. The workload of CBL International schools is equivalent to 2 ECTS/ 1 U.S. credits each week. Credits have to be granted by each participant’s home university. We encourage participants to contact the study-abroad office in advance to learn about the regulations and rules applicable.

What kind of group of students do I join? How international are the groups of delegates attending CBL International Schools?

CBL International Schools are addressing students worldwide. Most participants come from Europe, the U.S. and Australia, with a descending number of Asian students. Depending on regionally different vacation times, some regions may be over-represented at some schools. Anyway, you should expect an international experience.

Will the programme content be exactly the way it is shown on the website at the moment?

CBL International is starting to organize its programmes more than a half year to the start. This means that, for different reasons, changes are always possible. Although we work hard to realize each single course as announced, adjustments, cancellations, and alterations of parts of the programme may occur anyway.

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